Sunday, 18 March 2012

Progress Report 18/03/2012

So its been 3 months since I last posted on here- just letting you know the layout is alive and well, and now has a complete circuit of track which I have been test running and tweaking as required.

Nothing much visually has changed, however there are several projects underway, apart from the completion of the mainline.

-The rear workbench has been completed:

Completed workbench with LED strip lighting on the bottom shelf. The laptop on the end wall is where the CTC Panel will be located.

-All mainline points now have Tam Valley controllers attached, and have been configured on CTI Electronics' CTC Panel. 

-The initial CTI order has been placed, which will allow block detection and train routing without signals. I am in the process of building the block detectors, using a schematic off the Marbelup Valley Railway ( The owner Richard has been able to assist me with this schematic as he also uses CTI on his layout, and has this circuit schematic on his site.

The prototype detector

The same detector with the LED lit up, indicating that the track is occupied.

-This weekend I have begun building the initial mainline track sensors - there are 31 to complete, and after ordering all of the parts the cost per sensor is $7.00. It is taking longer than I anticipated, however the commissioning of the CTI system will be done in stages to ensure reliability. So far 4 detectors have been installed, and I am using ethernet cable to feed the signals back to the centre of the layout where all CTI modules will be installed. This allows me to send back 4 signals per cable.

Two detectors installed at staging.

-By May 2012, all non-mainline track except the main yard should be complete. This will hopefully include all other block detection and point motor controllers.

I've also been building my loco and rolling stock collection. I have purchased 3 passenger trains for running during operations:

1. Kato Metra Set (Seen here with Strip LED interior lighting, and an extra intermediate coach)

2. Kato Amtrak commuter set, with a Con-Cor baggage car (could not find stock of the Phase IV Kato model anywhere)

All Coaches are using Strip LED's with 1k resistors. 
The baggage car required pickups, whereas all Kato stock has Phosphor-Bronze strips for Kato's own proprietary  lighting kit.

3. Kato Budd Car. This car has been fitted with a TCS M4 decoder and interior lighting. I have tried to install the decoder below eye level, which proved to a be a delicate but worthwhile effort. I still have another car to do, as they will run as a two car set along the branch line.

I will attach some more install pics in another post.

I have also purchased a couple of unit trains, thereby completing the traffic required for the layout except manifest and mixed freights. I am in the process of commissioning the autorack train, and have a spine car and reefer train on order. To haul these trains I have recently taken delivery of 10 Kato BNSF locos, which I am in the process of fitting with decoders and Micro-Trains couplers.

So I have quite a few projects that will keep me busy over the next few months, with the hope of starting to terraform some scenery in July. will see how we go.

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