Monday, 19 September 2011

Weekend Update 17/09/11

Hey everyone,

No trackwork this week, have been busy arranging the next couple of weeks work. shortly I'll be ordering some track and points for the initial run of the track, the helix kit, and the cork roadbed. Until then, here is a picture of the finished CTC panel in CTI that I'll be using:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Weekend Update 10/09/11

After a slight delay over the weekend, I have managed to finish early this week what I wanted to finish on the weekend - the lower level roadbed:

Left Hand Side ("Spencer")

Future Site of Staging

The Peninsula, with Theta Loop and the Branch line with the 2% grade towards Theta down the rear of the peninsula - since this picture was taken the spline has been laid properly for the branch

I have decided to change my construction timeline by not laying the upper level roadbed until both helixes are installed - this is mainly for two reasons:

1. The roadbed will need to attach to the helix in some way on the upper level, and it has to swing off the helix to do this. Rather than lay the spline and then need to re-lay it later, I've decided to hold off second level roadbed progress. Compared to the first level it is a lot simpler, as the spline will be single track.

2. The two helixes are prefab kits to ensure reliability, as I don't trust myself to make a reliable helix with a steady grade and curvature. To save any headaches later on, I'm going with a kit with a ~19" rise between the two levels, which is ample.

With this change I've decided to move up the track laying and roadbed stage for the lower level, so I can lay track for the lower level and helix before starting the upper level. I may not lay the track, incase I need to make minor adjustments - but I'd like to make a start on the roadbed at least.

You may notice in a couple of photos that as I began to put the spline onto risers, I lowered the loop line around the peninsula. Rather than using double layers of cork, I've opted for this solution instead - luckily as well the wood involved in the other parts of the roadbed is a couple of millimetres lower than the spline, which should give a good indication of main and secondary lines.

Thats it for now, pics are below...

Left hand side, not sitting on risers

What I started with, before installing the risers and other parts of the roadbed

A view looking down the Theta branch towards the peninsula

Here the Theta Branch Leads into East Theta

A view showing the grade difference of the branch and mainline. Also note the slight change in height between main and loop lines.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Weekend Update - 05/09/11

So in the past weekend, and the week leading up to it, I have managed to complete the primary roadbed for the lower level. I am in the process of ordering a Helix and some extra wood to fill in the gaps where the rest of the track is - I am only using spline for the mainline run, as it will give me some flexibility with the placement of the sidings and smaller sections of track.

In other news

-Managed to install a TCS M1 decoder into a Bachmann SD45, and am beginning to fit micro-trains trucks to some walthers stack cars. Am still waiting on a shipment of FVM metal wheelsets to be used for Block Detection.

-Am currently researching the Helix Designs, I am still going for a prefab kit, and will be ordering it in the coming weeks.

-All going well, roadbed and track will be going down sometime in October, with some sort of trains running by xmas - even if it is train order working!


Laying of the 1:1 track plan, and beginning to lay the key spline

Initial Clamping

More Clamping 

The completed Lower LHS Spline

Continuing forward around the peninsula

Beginning to clamp the second curve

The completed LHS Spline

Another view of the RHS Spline, and the loop line on the peninsula