Sunday, 18 March 2012

TCS M4 Decoder install in a Budd Car.

I have managed to squeeze a TCS M4 into a Kato Budd car, underneath the floor. This keeps the interior unobstructed whilst allowing excellent running qualities of TCS decoders in this model.

The M4 installed in the floor well of the Budd Car. The chassis was milled to allow 4 decoder wires (for lighting) to pass into the front of the car, where there is more room.

The motor decoder wires and decoder power wires have been soldered in discreetly below floor level. 
The floor installed on top. The plastic spacer that was once underneath the  floor was cut up and used to fill this hole so it cannot be seen from outside the car.

The strip LED mounted in the roof of the car. Using two 1k5 resistors brings the light down to an acceptable brightness. The strip LEDs are from a supplier on eBay, at ~$15.00 for a 5m roll they are good value and are useful in all manner of projects.

The car with the plastic spacer installed above the decoder,

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