Monday, 25 July 2011

Updates, I have a few.

So once again I've neglected to write anything, so I'll post a few quick updates.

1. The CTC Panel is finished. 4946 Lines of code, thats without extra features I plan to add later on. However the base code is done, and with the testing ive done I can say fairly safely its ready for the layout.

2. The Benchwork is going up! Using strips of hardwood ply ripped into 75mm strips, and Non Structural 90x45mm Rails for the legs:

Right Hand Side

Right Hand Side

Overall view from just outside the garage

Next weekend its time to bring the peninsula down the centre, followed by the two helixes, which I am procuring from overseas as kits.

3. Here is a video of some new code I'm working on, to track train numbers as they progress around the layout.

4. Here is one place I would really like to visit: The RMC in Sydney. Slightly larger than my own panel :)