Thursday, 22 December 2011

Progress Notes - 23/12/11

Just a quick note on what has been happening on the subdivision of late, and what is planned for the next couple of weeks.

-The LHS helix is currently being constructed - 1 layer down, 7 to go. Have alloted myself a day over xmas to finish the build, completing the main loop of track.
-Point motors for 5 locations have been installed. More mainline points will come online in the coming months. They have also been linked to the CTI signalling system over the DCC bus.
-Metal wheels have been fitted to all freight cars, still have around 280 axles so they should last for a while.

Future projects:

    -Purchase CTI detection boards and base system
    -Build Mainline detection circuits
    -fit resistor wheelsets to current rollingstock.
-Build new workbench at rear of layout.
more articles to come soon.

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