Thursday, 15 August 2013

Still here, still building...

Been over a year since the last post, although I've still been working on little parts of the layout, progress has been slow.

-I have been building control panels with interlocking for each of the 3 towns. So far 2 are complete.
Panel on startup, CTI is not initialised so lights on the right hand side are dark

Panel Locked, note the red lights now lit up indicating panel is locked. (those point buttons won't work, all hooked up together via a common relay back to the tam valley singlets)

The key is turned, and the request button is pushed - the light starts flashing orange.

Once approved by the dispatcher, the light turns green

When the key is returned to the lock position, points move to normal again, and the panel locks itself.

A couple of notes about the panels... They use tam valley singlets, with push buttons hooked up to a common relay. there are two relays, one for the blue frame, and one for the yellow frame. yellow frame unlocks the points in the loop, whereas shunt mode (blue frame) puts blocks on the line, prohibiting traffic from moving through the area. useful for running around trains (which will be avoided as much as possible)

the key switch actually works, it is hooked up to a sensor used in conditional statements within CTI. Same goes for the push buttons on the RHS.

-I am rebuilding one of the helixes, due to problems with the track and the issues with height between helix modules.Am also motorising two points situated in the middle of the helix. Helix to be code 80 track to hopefully ease track laying.

-The staging yard is built, no photos yet..

-Have motorised all main line interfacing points, and am retrofitting certain crossovers that weren't using great quality servos. HXT900's from Hobbyking never skip a beat.

-Buying trains is the other pastime, picked up a cab forward, and a new run challenger (am addicted to sound decoders now!)

-I have a plan of sorts to get the layout into a fully functional state by the end of the year, including the following projects..

Finish Plano Control Panel
Prep work for Mendota Yard (laying cork, finalising design, ordering components, etc.)
install fascia to areas not requiring terraforming (still haven't decided on scenery designs yet)
Carpeting layout room
Starting scenery/ballasting/weathering track
Signal installation
misc rolling stock maintenance.

-am also doing a bit of a side project, 'Cubington' - the layout designed to fit into an office cubicle (English themed):

Will try and not make the next post a year from now, so until next time..

oh yeah, the name has changed to - now using names from the Chicago area, and focusing on the Mendota subdivision :)

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